Treaty 7 Management Corporation

Education Department 

The T7MC Education Department is committed to:


  • The preservation and protection of our First Nations languages, cultures and identities through the unique cultural protocols and traditional knowledge
  • The enhancement of educational services to increase graduation rates for the First Nations of Treaty 7
  • Representing Treaty 7 First Nations equally and equitably on a national level by bringing forth a Treaty 7 perspective on educational issues
  • Developing a positive working relationship with the Federal and Provincial education ministries for the enhancement of educational services
  • The development of an effective communication strategy to provide a unified front for Treaty 7 Education Jurisdictions, Treaty 7 Chiefs & T7MC
  • The advancement of fiscal accountability through effective educational services and best practices to the funding sources and Treaty 7 Chiefs
  • Increasing educational opportunities through Post-Secondary Institutes and trade schools
  • Networking with local and regional services in health, social development, and technology to enhance program and services to the education jurisdictions