New Paths for Education:


New Paths funds a variety of school-based projects directly involving First Nations students, parents and caregivers, teachers and communities in the Treaty 7 schools.  These funds are provided to regional education/management organizations to build capacity and develop governance for local schools.  This is a proposal driven program and funding is determined on a case-by-case basis, and depends overall on available funding both nationally and regionally. 


Projects funded under New Paths are designed to produce long-term benefits that will improve education quality and academic achievement of First Nation students, including: reduced teacher turnover, enhanced coordination and support of First Nation education programs and services, increased use and maintenance of First Nation languages, increased availability and use of culturally appropriate and relevant curricula, increased level of computer literacy, enhanced quality and quantity of data to monitor and improve academic progress, increased involvement of parents and communities in the education system, enhanced awareness of the importance of education to potential career paths


The specific objectives of the program are to strengthen First Nations education management and governance capacity by developing local and educational institutional capacity.  Improve the effectiveness of classroom instruction through curriculum and language development, improvements to instructional methods and school activities.  Support community and parental involvement in the education of children and youth.  Assist band-operated schools to recruit and retain qualified teachers and educators, and to provide them with professional development opportunities.  Enhance technical knowledge in schools.