Treaty 7 Health Secretariat



Established in 1996, Health Co-Management was formed to be a proactive mechanism to address health issues for First Nations communities in Alberta. The main goal for Co-Management is to increase the participation of First Nations in assessing, planning, and managing programs and services that are funded or offered by Health Canada, First Nations Inuit Health (FNIH) in the Alberta Region.


Co-Management acts as an advocate for First Nations health interests on behalf of the Chiefs of Treaties 6, 7 and 8. The role of the Co-Management Liaison is to represent the collective interests of Treaty 7 at the technical/ committee level by:


  • Working conjointly on health and health related issues.
  • Ensuring the representation and participation of the Treaty 7 communities
  • Gathering and disseminating relevant information to Treaty 7 communities (programs, health management and leadership).


Health Co-Management Sub-committee’s


  1. Children & Youth
  2. Mental Health & Additions
  3. Health Protection
  4. Prevention
  5. Non-Insured Health Benefits
  6. Operations & Support


We are now in the new fiscal year and all sub-committees will be meeting quarterly via face-to-face, teleconference or videoconference. 

The current Co-management Liaison is: Nicole Tailfeathers (403)-835-8829