Treaty 7 Management Corporation

Inter Govermental Initatives Department 



Treaty 7 First Nations Chiefs Association (T7FNCA)

Line of Authority

Treaty 7 First Nations Chiefs Association (T7FNCA) is the “Political” organization that is a venue for the Chiefs of Treaty 7 to comment, address and influence political issues (specifically Treaty Rights) as they impact the member Nations of Treaty 7.


Inter-­-Governmental Initiatives (IGI) supports First Nation Communities to develop partnerships and cooperation with AANDC, Government of Alberta, Social Development workers, Service Canada, Industry, Health Canada and any other organization of Government.


First Nations of Treaty No. 6, Treaty No. 7 and Treaty No. 8 (Alberta) aspire to have healthy and prosperous communities through supportive leadership, quality education, employment and skills development for future generations while maintaining our culture, traditional values and beliefs.


Child & Family Trilateral Table:


Trilateral Working Group continues to work on a culturally respectful Action Plan, that includes input from the First Nation Partners of the Confederacy of Treaty Six First Nations, Treaty 7 First Nation Chiefs Association, Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta and the Federal (Health Canada, INAC) and Provincial Governments. The Chiefs Resolution to “Bring our Children Home” is the mandate created for our children’s identity and future Treaty rights to ensure that our children maintain their future. The Action Plan for Success is a living document, and will change throughout the process. The opportunity to keep the plan “living” gives it truth and possibility to update as the environment changes.

With new emerging directives such as the UNDRIP Implementation and the Human Rights Tribunal on Child Welfare, it is important for the Trilateral Working Group, the driving force of the Action Plan, to incorporate important and current developments into the process.


First Nations Consultation Capacity Investment Program


Treaty 7 First Nations Chiefs Association will continue to work within a traditional practice communication framework to enhance and draw parallels between western and Indigenous cultures to collectively gather and distribute a consultation practice.




Treaty 7 First Nations Chiefs Association will explore Treaty 7 First Nations individually on their consultation approaches to establish a common ground and determine the different prospective from each Treaty 7 First Nation on Consultation and their view of Section 35 and the Duty to Consult.


Assembly of Treaty Chiefs


  • The Assembly of Treaty Chiefs was held in Tsuu T’ina Alberta on May 24-­-26, 2016. The Chiefs welcomed Carolyn Bennett, Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
  • Richard Feehan, Alberta Minister of Indigenous Relations
  • Keith Conn, Assistant Deputy Minister for Regional Operations, FNIHB


The Chiefs of Alberta shared the importance of moving forward on issues that were identified during this AOTC and immediate follow through to each Resolution.